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Putting up land for sale

Sign Setup

For this example:
Costs $5000 in total
The player will be the owner of the area.


The sell sign is setup and players can now access it.

To buy this area, just click on the sign.
Cancel ownership

Tenants can use /Lands rent cancel to cancel their ownership while standing inside the area.
Remove the sale

As the area owner you can either remove the sign or execute /Lands rent remove while standing inside the area.

Putting up land for rent

Sign Setup

For this example:

Costs $200 each 5 days.
Can't be rented more than 50 days in total.
The sign accepts the following units: d = day(s) h = hour(s), m = minute(s)

If none is specified, it will use d.

You can only set sub areas for rent. The default area can only be set for sale (= selling the whole land; more information below)


The rent sign is setup and players can now access it.

To rent this area, just click on the sign.
To add more time to your rental, just click again on the sign.
Cancel rental
Tenants can use /Lands rent cancel to cancel their rental while standing inside the area.
Remove the rental
As the area owner you can either remove the sign or execute /Lands rent remove while standing inside the area.

Getting started with the land claim system

Creating a land
/Lands create <name>

Main Menu
Open the lands menu to manage your land
/Lands menu

Area claims
Use /Lands claim to claim the area
If no selection made, it will claim the chunk you're standing on.
If no land has been created before, it will automatically create a land with your name.


War Declarations
Send a war declaration to a enemy land

Set a tribute (optional)
.A attacker can set a tribute. The defender land will need to pay this value in order to surrender.
.The enemy can also reject all surrenders.

Start a war:
/war declare (land or nation)
/wars menu (Opens when in war)

Starting Guide

Mars Realm is a large server, with a lot of custom items. However, it is quite easy to learn even when you're starting out. This guide should help you get to your feet on your journey of exploring the planet.
Basic Survival
The most crucial item in Space is the Rocket. This allows you to switch what planet you are on easily, you can access it by pressing F and clicking the rocket option. Using it you can travel to Mars, the resource world, spawn & your own space station (Space stations are like skyblock islands)
To put it simply, there are three ways of surviving in space: Oxygen Masks and Oxygen Tanks, Spacesuits created within the Suit Fabricator, or machines
Oxygen Masks and Oxygen Tanks
Oxygen Masks have infinite durability and are worn as a helmet. These by themselves have no effect, and you will still die when wearing one and exposed to a vacuum. It is, therefore, necessary to have either a Light, Medium, or Heavy Oxygen Tank in your inventory, where each tier holds progressively more oxygen.
Oxygen Tanks are not a sustainable way of surviving unless you can afford to constantly make new ones when they run out, or have an Oxygen Refiller in your inventory and are around a powered Oxygen Bubble Distributor.
Space has a custom enchantment called "Airtight", which will make armor pieces hold pressure when worn. The downside to this is that all armor pieces (helmet, chestplate, leggings and boots) require the enchantment.
Fortunately, there is an easy way to get this: The Suit Fabricator. The Suit Fabricator can create both Voyager and Rogue armor sets which allow for infinite breathing in space using gold armor and in-game currency.

Surviving Guide

Staying for a While
Mars has an energy and oxygen system to allow for bases and longer-lasting habitats to be created. You'll need the following machines to get started:
Solar Panel
Oxygen Bubble Distributor
Oxygen Collector
Along with a few items to transfer energy and oxygen between machines, those being:
While the concept of creating and transferring energy and oxygen may sound a little intimidating at first, it's actually really simple. Here is a general breakdown:
Solar Panels create energy during the day and store the energy internally. This can build up and never discharges unless you connect another machine using a Wire.

Wires transfer energy between machines. Connecting a Solar Panel to another machine with Wires is as simple as placing a pathway between the two.

Pipes transfer oxygen between machines and work in much the same way as Wires do, although they transfer oxygen as opposed to energy..

Oxygen can be collected using the Oxygen Collector. This converts power (Produced in the Solar Panels) and oxygen from surrounding leaves into oxygen, which is then stored within the machine.

The collected oxygen can now be used by the Oxygen Bubble Distributor (which also requires energy). Using Pipes and Wires, we can modify the setup in the screenshot above to create a safe bubble of oxygen for you to survive in while there is enough power produced by the Solar Panels. While near the Oxygen Bubble Distributor, you can have an Oxygen Refiller in your inventory and fill up Oxygen Tanks.

Effects of Space Exposure

When you are not wearing your Spacesuit and leave the comfort of spawn, Mars is against you.

Almost immediately, you will start to feel the effects of exposure to a vacuum as you will begin to bleed (Blood particles), your screen will redden, and you will be too fatigued to interact with the environment around you (E.G. Breaking blocks, opening/closing doors, etc.)

The following are ways of preventing suffocation in space:

Using an Oxygen Bubble Distributor connected to an Energy System, being in a sealed room.

Wearing an Oxygen Mask whilst having Oxygen Tanks in one's inventory.

Creating and wearing a full Spacesuit from a Suit Fabricator.

Wearing a full set of armor enchanted with Airtight.

Space Stations

What are they?

A new and exciting part of the Mars realm, similar to a mini skyblock.

A Space Station is an experience like no other. They are similar to a skyblock island, without a planet to fall down to, velocity is maintained by items and the player, allowing you to jump, or fall high, or even hover. A Space Station can contain a few basic items such as a Wrench, Oxygen Mask, and an Oxygen Tank. However, this is not guaranteed.

They can be accessed by opening the Mars menu by pressing the F key then clicking the rocket menu to travel there

They need to be purchased if you don't already own one, they cost $7,500 ingame cash

Projectiles and Jetpacks are extremely helpful for navigation in Space Stations and could save your life if you fall off.

Falling out of a Space Station will kill you.

Keep inventory is disabled in space stations!

Items will float in orbit freely.

How to use
Obtaining a Space Station is simple: either use the Rocket in the server menu or /station to warp to your Space Station. There is no cooldown, however, each player can only have one Space Station.

Custom Items

Custom Enchants

Airtight has a 10% chance of being given to armor if the armor is enchanted whilst the player's experience level is 15 or more.

Magnetic draws dropped items towards you. It can only be obtained by crafting a Palladium Pickaxe or a Reinforced Palladium Pickaxe. They respectively have Magnetic I and Magnetic II.

Magnetic can be used by sneaking whilst holding an item with the enchantment. Items within a given radius will be attracted to the player for 3 seconds.

The radius for Magnetic I is 5 blocks, and the radius for Magnetic II is 8 blocks.

Magnetic has no cooldown.

Void Traversal

Void Traversal is a custom enchantment that is only obtainable by enchanting boots in an Enchantment Table whilst over enchantment level 25. It has a 10% chance of being obtained.

Wear boots with the enchantment.
Crouch whilst airborne.
KEEP MOVING! The blocks placed below you only last for a second. This isn't a permanent flight solution.

Joining RapidzMC

For our Java Network

1. Launch the game (1.16.5)
2. Click Multiplayer
3. Click "Add Server"
4. In the name type "RapidzMC"
5. In the IP type "play.rapidzmc.com"

For our Crossplay Network
1. Click Play
2. Click the "Servers" Tab
3. Scroll to the bottom and click "Add Server"
4. Type in the following:

Crossplay network & Consoles

Nintendo Switch:



Go to your PS4 Home screen.

Go to Settings.

Go to Network.

Select Set Up Internet connection.
If you are using wired internet, select "Use LAN Cable", otherwise choose "Use Wi-Fi".

Select the Custom network creation mode.

Select Automatic IP Address.
For DHCP Host Name, make sure you select Do Not Specify.
Under DNS Settings, select Manual.

Enter the BedrockConnect IP for the preferred Primary DNS (Multiple options depending on region can be found on the BedrockConnect Github Page (https://github.com/Pugmatt/BedrockConnect) and something like Google or Cloudfare's IP for the Secondary DNS ( or

Last updated 18th April 2021


Towny is a land claiming system that lets you create towns and claim land with them.

There are endless possibilities, but the main purpose of Towny is to protect your land from outsiders. You have full control of the land that your town has claimed, and you can modify the permissions of your town, sell portions of your land to your residents to live on & more.

Nations are collections of towns that have decided to work together. Nations offer a bonus of claims when a town joins.

Towns can be difficult to run if you are new, so we suggest you join one and learn how towns work before diving into creating one of your own.

Towny Commands
/towny ? - List of towny commands

Need more help? Join our discord @ discord.rapidzmc.com

Last updated 18th April 2021


At the moment only admins can marry two players together, if you would like to request this contact staff on our discord via a ticket.

Marry Commands
/marry list - Lists all married players.
/marry listpriests - Lists all currently online priests.
/marry backpack - Opens a shared backpack
/marry sethome - Sets a shared home
/marry home - Teleports to the shared home

Need more help? Join our discord @ discord.rapidzmc.com

Last updated 18th April 2021


The purpose of chat is to communicate with players.
Please be respectful at all times and follow our community guidelines here

Chat Commands
/gc - Global discussion.
/tc - Town chat. Only members of your town can see this
/nc - Nation chat. Only members of your nation can see this
/msg - Private Message someone
/r - Quick way to reply to someone

Need more help? Join our discord @ discord.rapidzmc.com

Last updated 18th April 2021


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